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  1. Reservation inquiries can be made via e-mail or official website.
  2. After receiving the inquiry the camp checks the reservation and sends feedback on availability. If the reservation is possible the camp confirms it and sends an offer that is valid as an option for 3 days since being send. The offer includes a calculation and amount to be paid as a reservation deposit to be paid upfront:
    1. ) 30% of total amount of reservation for reserving a lot;
    2. ) 30% of total amount of reservation for reserving a mobile house.
  3. Final total amount is lessened for the amount of prepaid deposit.
  4. For the reservation to become final a deposit is required within 3 working days since sending the offer. If the deposit is not made within prescribed deadline, the reservation is considered invalid. The amount of deposit can be paid via bank transfer or Pay Pal. The camp reserves the right to decline or cancel a reservation if the guest does not pay the deposit within the deadline, if the guest missuses the system, and/or if the guest is known to be problematic and a non-payer.
  5. After paying the deposit a notice needs to be sent via e-mail, confirming the reservation with a receipt, so it does not get cancelled/reversed.
  6. The total amount, respectively the bill, is paid no later than 30 days before starting the stay in the camp via bank transfer or the Pay Pal system. If the payment is not done within 30 days before staying in the camp, the camp management holds the right to withhold the deposit and reverse the reservation. After the payment of total amount a receipt needs to be payed via e-mail to confirm the reservation in order for it not to be cancelled/reversed.


  1. There is a possibility of differences between the payment of the final bill at the reception of the camp: it depends on the quantity of registered services among demand and number of services that have actually been used while staying at the camp.
  2. Differences by paying the final bill at the reception of the camp in kunas are possible due to informative offer that was sent in euros. Namely, euro still isn`t the official currency in the Republic of Croatia, therefore the prices in euros are only of informative nature and they change throughout the year according to the exchange rate.


  1. Upon receiving the payment of the deposit the guest will receive a reservation confirmation via e-mail that was stated while making the reservation or directly in an e-mail.
  2. Reservation confirmation is required to be provided upon registration by checking-in at the camp`s reception. The confirmation (receipt) holds the reserved dates, which will be fully charged.
  3. In case of an unannounced later arrival the reserved accommodation unit will be available until 10:00 the following day. After that we take the right to sell it further.
  4. In case of later arrival or early departure as anticipated in the reservation, the guest is charged for the full reserved period.


  1. The reservation can be changed one month (30 days) before the date of arrival, depending on the availability (of time period or accommodation).
  2. If there is a change in number of persons for reservation of a lot the staying of present persons will be charged according to the valid price list.
  3. If there is a change in number of persons for reservation of a mobile house, but accordingly to the accommodation capacity, there is an additional charge only of residence tax and registration for the persons present. The number of persons in a mobile house must not exceed the maximum allowed number of persons according to the accommodation capacity of a mobile house.
  4. If the number of persons at a lot exceeds the maximum allowed number of persons staying for each additional person will be charged.


  1. Reservation can be cancelled exclusively via writing. Reservation cancellation via telephone is not valid.
  2. If a guest cancells reservation within 30 days before arrival and they are unable to come due to any kind of reason, the camp keeps 50% of the total amount of the payment.
  3. If a guest does not cancel the reservation, the camp keeps the total amount of payment.
  4. If a guest cancels reservation up to 30 days before the reserved day of arrival, the camp keeps the amount of deposit as a cost of reservation, and the rest is returned to the guest via their bank account.
  5. If a guest cancels or reverses reservation for the following year, they have the right to have the total amount of the deposit refunded.
  6. For a guest to get a refund of the deposit they have to send the following data in writing:
    • full name and surname of the person making the transaction,
    • full home address of the person making the transaction,
    • bank respectively IBAN account, from which the transaction was made,
    • SVIFT/BIC of the bank,
    • name and address of the bank.


  1. LOTS
    • According to the variety of lots the camp strives to enable the space that suits the measurements of a camper/camping trailer/tent and additional content listed in the reservation questionnaire or direct e-mail.
    • The camp`s staff is in charge to award a number of the lot. The guest is not familiar with the lot number prior to arriving at the camp. If a guest has special wishes, we try to take it into account accordingly with the availability.
    • For new customers, reservation for a specific lot number is not available.
    • Reservation of a specific number is only possible for regular guests that are familiar with the lots and know in detail which lots meet their requirements, according to the availability. Reservation of a chosen lot number costs 70.00 EUR in one-time payment, where the zone or the lot number cannot be changed.
    • Reservations for mobile houses are valid exclusively for Saturdays and Sundays as days of arrival in the period of 26.5.–8.9. Outside this period reservations for mobile houses and days of arrivals and departures are possible every day. Minimum period of staying at the camp is 3 days.
    • The staff in the camp is in charge to allocate a mobile house, while the guest is not familiar with the specific mobile house until arriving at the camp. Personal wishes of guests will be considered accordingly to the availability.
    • Reservation of a specific mobile house is only possible for regular guests considering the availability of the wanted mobile house. Surcharge for a specific or chosen mobile house is 70.00 EUR in one-time payment, where the searched type or kind of mobile house cannot be changed.
    • Linens and towels are included in the price of the mobile house and are changed once a week. If a guest wishes to change the linens beforehand that is charged as follows: one bed linen 5.00 EUR, double-bed linen 7.00 EUR, set of towels per person 7.00 EUR.
    • The service of final cleaning is included in the price of the mobile house. Additional cleaning is paid according to valid price list.
    • For children under 3 years old, it is possible to rent a baby cot and a feeding chair. Those services are subject to surcharge accordingly to the valid price list.
    • Guests are able to rent certain household appliances at the reception for free, if they are available. The guest needs to put down a deposit that is returned when the appliance is returned (as it was in its original state).


    • Check-in on the day of arrival: from 16:00 to 17:00 (later arrival needs to be announced).
    • Check-out on the day of departure: from 9:00 to 10:00.
  2. LOTS:
    • Check-in on the day of arrival: from 14:00 to 17:00 (later arrival needs to be announced).
    • Check-out on the day of departure: from 9:00 to 10:00.

For staying after the foreseen departure an additional night will be charged.


  1. Payment of accommodation tax, single registration and various rent costs at the reception of the camp is only possible in cash in Croatian kunas (HRK).
  2. Total payment of accommodation in mobile houses respectively renting a lot is done via bank transaction or Pay Pal.
  3. Payment in foreign currencies is not available.
  4. Prices, provided in the price list are per night.


  1. Special offers and discounts are published on the official website and social networks of the camp.
  2. Obtained discounts cannot be combined; one discount excludes another.
  3. Special offers cannot be combined among themselves.
  4. Special offers are only applicable for reservations made in the time of the offer. Special offers cannot be interchanged or used retroactive (working backwards).
  5. All promotional offers, such as special offers, last minute offers, etc. do not relate to already submitted and confirmed reservations. With cancelling or reversing a deposited reservation in order to obtain the conditions of a special offer, the right to refund the deposited amount stops.
  6. The costs of accommodation tax and single registration are not included into special offers and discounts, and are charged per person (children too).



  1. By the camp`s beach there are buoys for mooring. The camp is not responsible for any type of damages.
  2. By the possible mooring there isagoge no option of providing electricity and drinking water.
  3. Reservation of a specific buoy is not possible, although there is a requirement of announcing the type of vessel during reservation (boat, speed boat, rubber boat, ski jet, etc.).
  4. The vessel must be registered during registration at the reception of the camp (check-in). Prices for the vessels depend on distances and are provided in the price list.

Confirming the reservation simultaneously means accepting general terms and conditions by the guest. By accepting the regulations without reading them, you lose the right to any type of complaint.

Camping Pirovac thanks you for your trust and we wish you an enjoyable stay.